About Traplight

Traplight is a passionate team of 30; building success by understanding the mobile game market, having a clear product vision, and committing to commonly set goals for their games, teamwork, and business.

Together they look to top themselves in their specialities and in becoming empowered by their shared passion for game development.


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Battle Legion Art Kit

Battle Legion logo, illustrations and art assets.


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Traplight’s first free-to-play game Big Bang Racing (BBR) was a huge success and was awarded by Apple as the Best of App Store in 2016. Thanks to the game’s strong user-generated content approach and engaged builder community, the game had over 10 million crazy player-created racing tracks and many superstar creators with millions of in-game followers.


After the launch and further development of BBR, Traplight went through a full cycle from the whole company working on a single product to dividing their organization into small prototyping teams, in search of the next potential game. After the successful prototyping phase, the team reorganized again behind a single game called Battle Legion.


Traplight’s data-driven development processes combined with seasoned developers and great partners gave them the opportunity to build the Battle Legion into a game service they feel proud of. Battle Legion was globally launched in July 2020, it has since been downloaded millions of times and together players have experienced whopping 1.6 billion battles.


Throughout their over-a-decade-long journey, the founders of the company have always been passionate about their craft. This passion has been combined with the company’s hunger to do the right things, in addition to doing them right. Their data-driven development approach helps them in making better decisions and designs.


Traplight has always focused on developing its people, teamwork, and processes. The team thrives on efficiency and fun, and the people have clear goals and real power to execute to their fullest potential. If something is not fun, they’ll change it.


Today Traplight is a team of close to 40 and while still maintaining the development and live operations of Battle Legion the team is currently focused on developing the next big thing. Supported by the tremendous growth as a full-stack studio and the learnings from Big Bang Racing and Battle Legion Traplight is now in the best possible position to create a chart-topping gaming experience. Stay tuned for 2023!